Monday, June 7, 2010

Nature Smart Children

Being Nature Smart means that you are curious about and understand the environment you live in. You notice what's around you and enjoy identifying and classifying things like plants or animals. Maybe it means collecting bugs, watching birds, or studying the rocks on the grounds. According to Thomas Armstrong, PhD., if you answer yes to any of the questions below, then your child might be identified as Nature Smart.

Does your child:
1. like animals?
2. have a "green thumb"?
3. care about nature and environmental causes?
4. like going to parks, zoos, and aquariums?
5. enjoy camping or hiking in nature?
6. notice nature wherever you are?
7. have a garden at home or in the neighborhood?
8. adapt to different places and events well?
9. enjoy taking care of pets (at home or in the classroom)?
10. have a good memory for the details of places where you've been and the names of animals, plants, people, and things?
11. ask a lot of questions about the people, places, and things you see in your environment or in nature so you can understand them better?
12. have "street smarts" (the ability to understand and take of yourself in new or different situations or places)?


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