Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What If Your Child Is Not Wild About Their Nature Smart Skills?

Maybe animals makes your child nervous, and camping makes him/her queasy. The most important thing is that your child can become more Nature Smart by being observant. Encourage your child to notice everything around him/her. Being more observant will not only help your child become more Nature Smart, it can give him/her writing ideas and inspire the other intelligences. Your child can always use the smarts they are strongest or most comfortable in to become more Nature Smart according to Thomas Armstrong, PhD.:

1. Word Smart: Get closer to nature by reading about or reading stories with animals as characters. If your child wants to write a story encourage him/hr to write about nature settings or environmental issues.
2. Music Smart: Let your child listen to music in natural sounds like wind blowing, birds singing, or even cars whooshing by.
3. Logic Smart: Have your child look for patterns, numbers, and logic in nature. Nature also provides a lot of opportunities to solve problems in real-world settings.
4. Picture Smart: Your child can use natural materials in their art projects. Leaves, flowers, seed pods, and feathers are just a few things they can use for art.
5. Body Smart: Take your child for a walk, jog, in-line skating, or biking through the neighborhood, a state park, or another area with family or friends. It can be a lot of fun visiting new places or nature areas and get some fresh air.
6. People Smart: Your child can combined their love for people with nature by enjoying the outdoors with others. Go hiking or for a walk with friends in a local park.
7. Self Smart: Nature can be a great place for your child to think about what's important to him/her. Bring a journal or sketch book along to write down any thoughts about nature and what he/she sees.


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