Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Teaching Our Children: 4-5 Years Part II

Yesterday we discussed how 4-5 year old children are experiencing being more independent. They are ready for more responsibilities, but where do we draw the line. We don't want to expect too little or too much from our children. According to the December 2009 issue of Parents magazine, below safety experts help you set smart limits for tasks that preschoolers want to do on their own.

Answering the Door:
Your fear: Your child could be snatched or let a stranger in the house.
Good fix: Tell your kids that they can ask who it is, but should never let anyone in without your permission, says Greg Oliver, a pediatric psychologist at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. Oliver suggest role-playing to make sure your child understands these rules an taking turns pretending to be the stranger. "If someone comes to the door and says, "I'm a friend of your mom," teach your child to keep the door locked and say, "I'll get my mom for you," or if someone comes to the door and says, " I'm the mailman and I have a box for your dad,: teach your child to say, "Please leave it there and he'll get it later."

Filling the Bathtub:
Your fear: Your child will scorch him/herself, slip, or get water everywhere.
Good fix: Make sure your home's hot water heater is set to 120 degrees F or below so there's no chance of getting burned. Once you've done this, it's safe to let your child help you fill the tub. Perhaps let him/her turn on the cold water and you can adjust the hot. You can even let your child put in the plug. Make sure you always are there during the bath.

Buckle Up:
Your fear: Your child will buckle it wrong and the buckle will open while you are driving.
Good fix: Tell your child to go right ahead, but you must check it to make sure your child is safe. It's also okay for your child to unbuckle once the engine is off, but remind him/her to never do it while the car is in motion.


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