Friday, June 25, 2010

Teaching Our Children: 2-3 Years Part I

According to December 2009 issue of Parents magazine, you don't have to sign your child up for pricey classes. Teach him/her ABCs, colors and more while playing, shopping, and tackling task. Karen Bannen states that the world is a stimulating place for a toddler and everything is new and exciting. The more your children see, feel, hear, and manipulate things, the better the lessons sink in. Below are some of the smart strategies suggested that will turn your daily routine into fun learning games.

Kitchen Classes:
1. Children as young as 2 can understand the concepts of big and small. When cooking, ask your child to help you choose the right container for what you will be serving.

2. While kids may not be able to tell you which note is an A versus a high C, they do understand that different tones sound different. Clink an empty glass with a spoon, and then tap on a full one. Talk about the difference in sound.

3. Set the table by numbers. Ask your child how many napkins and forks you will need for everyone to get one. Take it a step further by asking, "If Dad doesn't eat breakfast with us tomorrow, how many spoons will we need?"

Car Talk:
1. You can ask your child to tell you when the light turns green. Another idea is to ask your child to count all the red cars. When he/she spots five, tell him/her to shout "Bingo!" Repeat with blue, black, or green vehicle.

2. As you pass billboards, signs sides of trucks and storefront, ask your child to shout out the letters in the order of the alphabet.

3. Kids love pointing out all the shapes they spot from their car seat. Your steering wheel is a circle and a sign is a square. Show your child a stop sign and explain that it's an octagon, while a school bus might look like a rectangle.

Make sure you read my blog on Monday and get some teachable lessons your 2-3 year old can have while shopping and while you are waiting or standing in line.


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