Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teaching Our Children: First Years

According to December 2009 issue of Parents magazine, toddlers aren't going to stroll over to strange child in the park and say "Wanna play?" So it's up to you to set the stage for them.

1. Arrange play dates with no more than four kids.

2. If you can make sure your child is familiar with the kids you invite over.

3. Play peek-a-boo and share toys with your child.

4. Avoid scheduling a play date less than two hours before nap time.

5. Keep the play date around 30 minutes. Anything longer and your child will get tired or lose interest.

6. If you notice your child is starting to get upset, take him/her aside and figure out whether he/she is sleepy, thirsty, or needs some Mommy time.

7. If you know your child has a favorite toy, leave it at home or put it away when a friend is over.

8. When there is a teachable moment take advantage of it. For example, if your child grabs a toy from another child, this is the time to explain why the friend is upset.


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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