Thursday, June 3, 2010

What If My Child Has Self-Doubts About His/Her Self Smarts?

Maybe your child doesn't fell too Self Smart. Almost everyone has certain amounts of Self Smart ability whether he/she realizes it or not. Everything that your child is already strong in can help him/her learn more about who he/she truly are, how your child feels, and what is important to him/her. Below are some ways your child can become stronger or more comfortable in becoming more Self Smart, according to You're Smarter Than You Think, by Thomas Armstrong, PhD.

1. Word Smart: Think about what your child likes to read and reflect on what that says about your child. Does he/she enjoy flights or fancy or does your child have more interest in the world around them. Writing is a great way to explore the answers to the questions about what your child is interested in. Keeping a journal about the things that are important to your child - his/her hopes for the future and how he/she feels, and goals.

2. Music Smart: Use music to reflect, relax, and give your child thinking time by listening to it or playing it. Many musicians find their music helps them understand how they're feeling or what they're thinking about. Set practice goals for your child and be patient, and stick with it.

3. Logic Smart: Encourage your child to explore the world of logic on their own by working on individual logic and puzzle books. Logic Smart skills can help your child break down goals into logical and methodical steps.

4. Picture Smart: Find time for your child to create artwork by him/herself. While he/she is creating, have him/her reflect on their goals, their thoughts, and their ideas. Art journals are a good way to explore and reflect on your child's emotions, thoughts, and fears.

5. Body Smart: Have your child try out different solo sports (biking or swimming for examples), instead or a team sports. When you find a solo sport your child enjoys, use the time when they practice alone have him/her think about the day, problems, or goals.

6. People Smart: It is great that your child gets along with other people, but try to use that understanding of others to better understand who he/she really is. Ask your child what qualities does he/she admire in others? Do you find these qualities in yourself? What positive traits do you think you have?

7. Nature Smart: The next time you take a nature hike or walk, use that time to encourage your child to think about what is going on in his/her life. Try taking the time to reflect and even journal while outside in any environment.


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