Friday, June 4, 2010

My Child Is Self Smart Superstar!

If your child is really a strong Self Smart child that's great! The Self Smart skills can help your child build the other intelligences. Here are some Self Smart ideas you can use to help your child understand and develop the other intelligences in school and in life according to Thomas Armstrong, PhD.:

1. Word Smart: Have your child write an autobiography. Talking to members of your family can help your child with their autobiography by giving him/her information about your family as a whole as well as your and the child's part in its history.
2. Music Smart: Encourage your child to create a musical autobiography using their favorite songs from when they were younger.
3. Logic Smart: Let your child look for patterns in the things he/she likes. It can be a lot of fun to learn about how our mind works, so let your child the science of the mind. Find out what the different parts of the mind are and the different functions they perform.
4. Picture Smart. Have your child experiment with the different arts to express how they feel or to create a self-portrait. Painting, drawing, collage, and paper-mache are just a few of the ways you can let them express themselves.
5. Body Smart: Let your child do physical activities that let them express how they feel, like dance, acting, mime, or fine arts such as sculpture. There are many physical activities that you can get involved with that let your child focus their mind or even meditate while they get exercise, like running, bicycling, yoga, martial arts, or swimming.
6. People Smart: Tell your child to use how well they know themselves to get to know others better. Find people with common interest to do things with.
7. Nature Smart: Go for a walk and take a good look around you. How does being in nature make you and your child feel. Use objects fond like pine cones, leaves, and feathers to create an art piece to express how nature makes you feel.


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