Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How Can My Child Become More "Body Smart"?

According to You're Smarter Than You Think, by Thomas Armstrong, PhD., below are some ways that your child can expand and enjoy using their Body Smart skills. Try any activity that appeals to your child no matter how Body Smart you think he/she is.
Encourage your child to:

1. Practice their hand-eye coordination. Learn how to juggle, play marbles, jacks, Ping Pong, and video games.
2. Increase their hand-eye coordination through sports. Shoot baskets, throw horseshoes, or darts, or try bowling.
3. Get silly and get Body Smart. Practice doing silly body tricks. Try to touch the tip of your tongue to the end of your nose. Figure out how to flare your nostrils or raise one eyebrow.
4. Play charades with family and friends.
5. Look for ideas while you move and exercise. Keep a small notebook or tape recorder with you when you take a long walk or hike.
6. Learn how to give shoulder rubs to friends and family. Shoulder rubs feel good, and you learn how muscles work, what they feel like, and how tense the can get.
7. Think of an idea and then build it. Use paperclips, clay, pipe cleaners, boxes, or whatever materials are around the house.
8. Get fit. Make their heart and lungs strong and improve their endurance by doing aerobic activities.
9. Learn an art or a craft. Explore things like: knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing, needlepoint.
10. Let their stress go and relax. Learn ways to become more aware of their bodies and how to relax it when they are stressed out.
11. Take a drama class or try out for a play. You may have a chance at school or act in class skits.
12. Take martial arts lessons.
13. Focus on learning or becoming better at a sport you can do by yourself. These solo sports include: swimming, running, archery, skateboarding, biking, skiing, or snowboarding.
14. Join a sports team in your neighborhood or at school.


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