Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Child Is Not Logic Smart! What Can I Do?

What if you think your child lacks "Logic Smarts"? Maybe you feel Logic Smart doesn't make much sense to your child. Remember you don't have to be a math or science genius to be Logic Smart. You can always encourage your child to use the smarts they are strongest or most comfortable in to become more Logic Smart.

Here are seven ways to do it according to Thomas Armstrong, PhD.:
1. Word Smart: Write and solve your worn word problems. Talk through math problems
2. Music Smart: Create your own rap or song to learn math facts. The time tables have strong natural rhythm and can be sung to music of your choice.
3. Picture Smart: Visualize or draw out quick pictures or sketches of the logic problems to help your child see different ways to solve problems.
4. People Smart: Play card games with friends and family. Start a math review group.
5. Self Smart: Get fun books of puzzles and brainteasers that will help your child work math or logical thinking , and work to solve them on his/her own.
6. Body Smart: Use objects you touch and move around like dice, cards, beans, or counters and puzzles shapes to help your child solve problems.
7. Nature Smart: Think about real-world applications of math. (Examples: If you are working on fractions divide a pizza with friends to look for patterns and math in the environment).


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