Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Can My Child Become More "Logic Smart"?

According to You're Smarter Than You Think, by Thomas Armstrong, PhD., below are some ways that you can expand and enjoy your Logic Smart skills. Try any activity that appeals to your child no matter how Logic Smart you think your child is:
1. Play games that use strategy and logic. Games like chess, checkers or dominoes all rely on creating strategies and understanding your opponent's moves.
2. Watch television programs that teach science and math. Shows like Nova, National Geographic, Zoboomafoo, ZOOM, and Cyberchase on PBS and Bill Nye the Science Guy on Nickelodeon.
3. Have your child practice calculating simple math problems in his/her head.
4. Explore science. Visit a science museum, planetarium, child's museum, or exploratorium.
5. Encourage your child to read magazines or newspapers that cover math and science. (Examples: National Geographic Kids, Odyssey:Adventure in Science, Contact Kids, OWL: The Discovery Magazine for Kids).
6. Practice estimating things. (Examples: number of raisins in a bowl, pebbles in a pile, marbles in a jar).
7. Do brainteasers
8. Have a special "math day" or science day" with the family. This is when the family can play math games or do science experiments.
9. Have your child write down 10 questions about how the world works that he/she wants answered.
10. Have your child join a math or science club at school.
11. Find a book or Web site on science experiments you can do with things at home.
12. Get a tutor or find a classmate to help your child with science or math.
13. Have your child teach someone else math or science.
14. Play a game of paying attention to the use of numbers in the news.
15. Find the origins of math in different cultures.
16. Let you child build his/her own Web page or site.


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