Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Child Is Logic Smart! How Can I Expand His/Her Logic Smart Skills?

If your child love Logic Smart, you can always find new and interesting ways to explore and expand his/her natural skills. Your Logic Smart child's skills can also help build other intelligences. Here are some Logic Smart ideas you can use to help understand and develop the other intelligences in school and in life according to Thomas Armstrong, PhD.:

1. Word Smart: Read mysteries and science magazines or write about your favorite science topic.
2. Music Smart: Listen for patterns in music like complicated percussion music (with lots of different beats and rhythms).
3. Picture Smart: Try creating visuals for math and science, like graphing science experiment results.
4. People Smart: Play games with other people that emphasizes strategy and logic like checkers, card games, and most board games are all good options.
5. Self Smart: Look for patterns in your own life. Does understanding more about the world through science make you think about your place in it?
6. Body Smart: Try playing sports that rely heavily on strategy. It will make it more interesting for your child might become a greater player even if his/her skills are less developed.
7. Nature Smart: Explore the life of earth science like biology or geology to learn more about nature an how it works.


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