Monday, May 3, 2010

Logic Smart Children

What does it mean to be logic smart? When you're Logic Smart, you may understand numbers and math concepts easily, enjoy finding patterns, and easily see how cause and effect works in science. According to Thomas Armstrong, PhD., if you or your child can answer yes to any of the questions below, then you just may be Logic Smart.

Do you:
1. find numbers fascinating?
2. like science?
3. easily do math in your head?
4. enjoy counting things?
5. like estimating, or guessing the amount of things (like the number of pennies in a jar)?
6. remember numbers and statistics easily (baseball statistics, sports scores, the heights of the tallest buildings in the world)?
7. enjoy games that use strategy like chess and checkers?
8. notice the links between actions and their results (otherwise know as cause and effect)?
9. spend time doing brainteasers or logic puzzles?
10. enjoy discovering how computers work?
11. love to organize information on charts and graphs?
12. use computers for more than playing games?


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