Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Child Is Body Smart! How Can I Expand His/Her Body Smart Skills?

According to You're Smarter Than You Think, your Body Smart child can always become better. Body Smart skills can help build your child's other intelligences in a big way. Here are some Body Smart ideas you can help your child understand and develop the other intelligences in school and in life:

1. Word Smart: Get physical with your words. Have your child write out their vocabulary words or spelling words and trace over them with their finger.
2. Music Smart: Use dance as a way to listen to and appreciate music with your child.
3. Logic Smart: Have your child build something like a shelf, small bookcase or box.
4. Picture Smart: Let your child experiment with the feel and sensations of different materials. Modeling clay, making paper-mache, painting with their fingers and hands.
5. People Smart: Encourage your child to learn magic tricks. Magic is more than just quick hands. A lot of magic is learning how people respond to it and how to distract them.
6. Self Smart: Let your child do activities that help him/her focus their mind and think about the day. Yoga and tai chi are good activities because they are physical poses.
7. Nature Smart: Go on interactive or themed hikes or walks in your neighborhood. Go on a bird walk and look for as many different kinds of birds as possible. Look for different leaves and flowers and collect them and put them in a scrapbook.


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