Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Can My Child Become More "People Smart"

According to You're Smarter Than You Think, by Thomas Armstrong, PhD., you can help expand your child's "People Smart" skills. Have your child try any activity below that appeals to him/her no matter how People Smart you think your child may be:
1. Start an address book: Keep a list of your friends and their phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. Have your child use this information to stay in touch.
2. Make a social map: Have your child write his/her name in the middle of a piece of paper. Closest to their name, write the names of people they are closest to (family and friends). Then write the names of friends and acquaintances who are not as close. Put as many names of people who you're friendly with as possible. If your child would like more names, practice making friends.
3. Meet new people: Decide to have your child meet a new person each day, each week , or each month. Start today and have your child introduce him/herself to someone you'd like to know.
4. Practice people watching: Go to a public place (playground, grocery store, mall) with your child and a friend or family member. See how well the two or three of you can read the people around you. Talk about what you saw and what you think it meant.
5. Find "like minds": Start a club or group that involves something your child is interested in (examples: coins, books, nature, baseball, cooking, shopping, model-building)
6. Volunteer to help others: Look into helping the Red Cross, the Sierra Club, Future Farmers of America, UNICEF, Amnesty International, and some many other organizations.
7. Learn with others: Have homework sessions with your child's friends, work on group art projects, or perform music with others.
8. Get involved: Have your child run for election in student government.
9. Tutor someone. Your child can offer teach or tutor another student.
10. Spend time with your family: Make it a point to spend "quality" time with your family regularly to stay connected.
11. Get a mentor: A mentor is a person who can help your child learn new skills and grow as a person.
12.Practice making friends: If your child is shy or awkward, practice making friends with someone your already know like a family member or an old friend. Pen pals can also be a fun way to get to know new people.


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