Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Child Is Not Picture Smart! What Can I Do?

Maybe your child finds drawing stick figures challenging, have never been able to solve a Rubik's cube, or don't feel particularly inventive. Your child can still be Picture Smart. Most people always use the smarts they are strongest or most comfortable in to become more Picture Smart. Below are seven way to to it according to Thomas Armstrong, PhD.:

1. Word Smart: Have your child picture what they are reading and writing. A story can come to lie when you picture what the characters are wearing or where they live.

2. Music Smart: Tell your child to close his/her eyes when listening to a favorite music and notice what images, colors, or shapes you see or imagine. Your child can sketch, paint, or model in clay what he/she sees.

3. Logic Smart: Maps and globes are great tools that mix Logic and Picture Smart. When your child is playing around with them he/she can work out distances and patterns.

4. Body Smart: Have your child use their wonderful hands to solve jigsaw puzzles and other hands-on puzzles like Rubik's cube.

5. People Smart: Art can be a great way to get together with others. Creating a group mural, collage, or movie will have your child exploring different ways to be Picture Smart, while giving him/her the opportunity to meet new people or work with friends.

6. Self Smart: Art and images can be great ways to express complicated feelings. He/She can use the art to create and explore how you feel, or your child can look for images from magazines and newspapers that capture and shows their emotions.

7. Nature Smart: Have your child collect fallen leaves, feathers, seeds, pods, or other things from nature to create their own "natural art".


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