Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Child Is Not People Smart! What Can I Do?

According to Thomas Armstrong, PhD., if your child needs to polish his/her "People Smart" skills, there are things you can help with. You may not realize it, but every child as "People Smart" abilities that they use every day at school and at home. Whenever a child works, talks, shares, and learns with others, they are being "People Smart". Maybe your child needs to uncover and polish up those skills so he/she feels more confident. Your child can always use the smarts they are strongest or most comfortable in to become "People Smart":

1. Word Smart: Start sharing your words and ideas with others. Debating and writing speeches for class presentations are a start.
2. Music Smart: Join a choir or band and experience the fun of making music with others.
3. Logic Smart: Join or start a math review or study group. Get books of brainteasers, riddles, or puzzles and solve them with friends.
4. Picture Smart: Look for ways you can make art with others. Group projects like painting a mural, putting together a collage, building a sculpture or mobile.
5. Body Smart: Join a team to play sports
6. Self Smart: Think about what your child loves doing most (reading, singing, drawing, playing sports, etc.), and think about how to start doing this activity wit a group or team.
7. Nature Smart: Bring others to outdoor places you've discovered and enjoy. Get involved in a in growing food for a community garden, food bank, or homeless shelter.


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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