Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Child Is Picture Smart! How Can I Expand His/Her Picture Smart Skills?

Since there are so many different ways to be Picture Smart, your child can have a lot of fun experimenting with them. Your child's Picture Smart skills can help build other intelligences. According to Thomas Armstrong, PhD., and author of You're Smarter Than You Think, below are some Picture Smart ideas for your child to understand and develop the other intelligences in school and in life:

1. Word Smart: Encourage your child to notice the visual images in what you read. How do they help the characters or setting come to life for you?

2. Logic Smart: Your child might find that drawing math problems or science experiments helps to make sense. So much about Logic Smart is about observation and seeing patterns.

3. Music Smart: Have your child listen to music while making art, working on designs, or building inventions. Music can help the flow of creativity.

4. Body Smart: Teach your child about his/her body and how it moves can help him/her to be a better artist and designer or more effective inventor as he/she thinks about how the body moves around and use objects.

5.People Smart: Encourage your child to use design sense for cause he/she believe in . The ability to paint and draw posters, design banners, or create a logo for a T-shirt could make our child pretty popular it he/she volunteers their talent.

6. Self Smart: Have your child use a sketch journal for more than design ideas. Suggest for your child to draw a picture about the day, what he/she sees themselves doing in the future, or how he/she is feeling at the moment.

7. Nature Smart: These children have a strong ability to read maps and this might make a natural orienteering. Orienteering is a sport in which you use a detailed map and compass to find your way to specific places on the map.


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