Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Child Is People Smart! How Can I Expand His/Her People Smart Skills?

Maybe your child loves people and can't get enough of hanging out with them and helping them. Lucky you! But you can still find new ways to help your child become more "People Smart". Below are ideas that will help understand and develop the other intelligences in school and life according to Thomas Armstrong, PhD.

1. Word Smart: Have your child practice their vocabulary words and spelling words with friends and family members. Talk to your child about the books he/she is reading.
2. Music Smart: Encourage your child to listen to music with friends and family and talk about what he/she hears.
3. Logic Smart: Invite friends and family to play math games and puzzles with your child. Find problems to solve as a group.
4. Picture Smart: Enroll your child in art classes with friends at school or the community center. Help your child get to know people in art class and get together to practice art outside of class.
5. Body Smart: Have your child learn new activities that he/she can do with others. Take a dance or martial arts class or join an intramural volleyball team.
6. Self Smart: Let your child make a list of what he/she thinks is their strongest "People Smart" skills and the areas they think needs to be worked on. Look for opportunities for your child to practice leading or organizing others.
7. Nature Smart: Get your child involved with an environmental cause that really matter to the child. The child can learn a lot about nature by working with others to protect it.


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