Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why Milk Matters!!!

According to an article in the June 2010 Good Housekeeping magazine, researchers discovered that kids who consumed lots of calcium tended to live longer than those with less calcium-rich diets. Below are 2 important findings from the researchers:

1. Children who consumed 700 mg of calcium per day were up to 60% less likely to die from a stroke later in life.

2. Be sure every member of your family ages 9 and up gets he equivalent of 3 cups (2 cups for kids 2 to 8) of fat-free or low-fat or other low-fat dairy products every day.

It is extremely important to give you and your family the proper nutrition in order to be alert and healthy. Be sure your family is getting the proper amount of calcium every day to build strong bones and strong brains!


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